Chocolate Coinucopia

Stop Wasting Ether in Every Transaction

Stop Burning ETH. Start Recycling.

In 2021, $4.85 billion in ETH was destroyed...
What if it didn't have to be?

Chocolate Coins are designed to save your ETH.

In every transaction, the chocolate coin algorithm creates new coins for the spender that counteracts the loss of ETH associated with the transaction cost. In this way, every transaction is two transactions:

  1. The original transaction where Party A pays Party B Chocolate Coins for some consideration in return.

  2. An automatic, ancillary transaction where the ETH transaction fee pays for the creation of new Chocolate Coins.

Transaction rewards are recorded on the Ethereum network, and paid to an account when that account becomes the source of 100,000,000+ CHOC spent (or 1+ CC spent). This is the Chocolate Coin's "Bar" value, and prevents vexing feedback loops from affecting account balances.

The coin pairing preserves the value of your ETH.
Deflation is balanced by inflation to preserve personal wealth.

New Chocolate Coins can be exchanged for ETH.

Because new Chocolate Coins can only be produced from burning ETH, they have a measurable value in ETH.

Chocolate Coins can be exchanged for ETH to complete the cycle of preserving the spender's wealth.

Chocolate Coin's Value Can Be Directly Measured in ETH

Price includes discounted future Ether divided by future coin supply.

(ETH Recycled)0

The amount of Ether that has already been recycled.


The number of Chocolate Coins currently in circulation.

(ETH Recycled)t

The amount of Ether recycled in the future at time "t."


The number of Chocolate Coins in circulation in the future at time "t."


The discount rate for time "t."